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Pricing and Payment

Option 1 PayM mobile app Option 2 PC-Fix bank transfer Option 3 Paypal Logo Option 3 Pound Sign
  'Pay a Contact' Now integrated into mobile banking apps   Bank transfer   Debit & Credit cards
2.75% fee
No cash accepted
(except for low cost instore products)
Off-site workshop - fixed pricing

Virus/Malware removal + free antivirus software 45.00
Software repair 45.00
Hardware repair   50.00
Windows installation + Drivers, Updates, & Free Office 55.00
Full service 70.00
Optional Additional services

Hard drive partitioned + bootable recovery disk partition 20.00
PC tune up 20.00
Data back up/transfer 25.00
Collection/Delivery services each way from: 10.00
VIP service:
(collection & delivery + queue jump with quickest continue repair possibile)
Laptop Repair

Screen Replacement (fitting included) From 80.00
Motherboard/internal boards/electronic repairs From 65.00
DC Jack power socket repair (Soldering required = £65) From 30.00
Replacement cooling fans From 30.00
Replacement keyboards From 30.00
Overheating repair 50.00

Prices exclude cost of parts.

Data recovery

Data recovery from a dead laptop or PC   45.00
Data recovery from a working drive/media/device   65.00
Data recovery specialist non working drive/media/device P.O.A
Remote support

1st Hour - Minimum 40.00
Additional 30 Mins   20.00
On-site Service - for Quick repairs only

Mobile service (1st hour) Postcodes BN1/2/3 55.00
additional (30 mins) 25.00
Other postcodes per mile rate from BN2 9SH 1.50
Capped maximum price per visit (+ any additional mileage) 90.00
Business pricing

Business's with dedicated premesis are charged at 25% more than domestic jobs, please note credit is not offered and invoices must be paid before engineer leaves the premesis. Business's run from home are included as domestic. For full information please view our terms located here: Terms

cost saving tips

  1. Where possibile, it's highly recommended to have any important data backed-up prior to a repair

  2. Documentation relating to your Internet Service Provider containing login details to be at hand.

  3. Any recovery cd/dvd's to be at hand

  4. Any passwords to be either temporarily changed or removed to allow an engineer to work on the machine
booking jobs in

When booking a job in we use an all electronic procedure, to help speed up this process it is best if you have a smart phone with a QR reader app already installed, this will then scan the job directly to your phone where you are able to check on the progress of the repair, QR readers are also a very useful app for shopping. I recommend i-nigma, it’s free, and scans barcodes instantly. Click on the your type of phone device logo below for information and the downloadable the app link. i-nigma

Apple Logo Android Logo Windows logo Blackberry Apps
iTunes Android Windows phone Blackberry

1st Payment option - PayM - Pay a contact telephone number - Free

Option 1 PayM mobile app Pay using a bank app from a mobile device. This is the easiest and best way to pay friends, family, and business's, no more account numbers just pay a registered person or business telephone number. PayM is now usually integrated into your banks mobile device app.

Barclays Pingit

Barclays Pingit info
Business search: Netricks
Pingit Code: PINGITCVX912

Click on your phone type logo below to download Barclays Pingit app
Apple logo Android logo Windows logo Blackberry Apps

Click on the applicable logo below to open a new browser to your banks information and download page or if you already have your banking app installed click on the video link for an instructional payment tutorial. It is recommended to have online banking apps installed and PayM setup before computer collection to avoid frustration. Once apps are setup and PayM is registered payment takes only 20 seconds to pay a person or business.

Natwest download page Natwest video instructions HSBC download page HSBC Video instructions RBS Bank RBS Video instructions First Direct download page First Direct Video Instructions
TSB download page TSB Video Instructions Santander download page Santander video instructions     Nationwide download page Nationwide Video Instructions
Halifax download page Halifax Video Instructions Lloyds download page Lloyds PayM Instructions Co op bank Coop Paym Metro Bank Metrobank Paym instructions
2nd Payment option - bank to bank transfer - Free

Option 2 PC-Fix bank transfer *Online bank transfer
Click on the links to navigate to your banks login page
Barclays Logo Barclays Natwest logo Natwest HSBC Logo HSBC
Lloyds logo Lloyds Santander Logo Santander First Direct First Direct
TSB Logo TSB co-op logo Co-operative RBS Halifax
RBS RBS RBS Nationwide  
No Cash

Option 3 Pound Sign

1) Bank charges £1.50 to deposit
2) 3 Mile walk to the nearest branch and back
3) Can't park anywhere, risk getting parking summons or pay £3.50 for permit ticket (Total £5 to deposit)
4) Leave workshop unattended missing walk in customers and job opportunities
5) Wastes valuable working repair time
6) No need for cash, see payment options 1 and 2

No cash accepted
(except for low cost instore products)
cards with Paypal - (incurs payment fee's)

Option 3 Paypal Logo Credit/Debit cards & Paypal
(incurs additional 2.75% fee or 3.4% if using this online form)
(Or use credit/ debit cards with
the Barclays Pingit app for free!)
card Online Payment

Important - Please only use this payment option if an invoice has already been sent with the fees included. If we receive payment from the quote or invoice value without the fee's added it will be neccasary to refund and then repay with the correct invoice number. I do not recommend using this website method, an invoice of £145 incurs a £5 fee (3.4%). In-store PayPal card payments are slighly less at 2.75%. Just a reminder its quicker, easier and costs nothing to pay using options 1 or 2
Invoice Number:  
This payment method is disabled, to use this form please contact for new payment invoice  



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